Easter Inventory Update


At Chocolaterie Tessa, you, our customers, are our family.  When I put out this call to action e-mail on March 22nd, you answered our call and we quickly sold 70% of our Easter sales goal in just a few days.  Then Shelter in Place hit and we scrambled to get as many of your orders out the door while we waited to see what would become of our business.  Since then, we have continued to operate under very strict protocols which are described in greater detail in my newsletter update from April 4th, here

We are now completely sold out of all of the chocolate we can make and get out the door by Easter.  We are working very hard to fill all the orders that have already been placed as quickly as possible and are sorry to those of you who won’t be able to enjoy our chocolates for Easter this year.  If you’d like to be the first to know about all things Chocolaterie Tessa, click here to subscribe to our newsletter.
Thank you again for your support and encouragement during this time.  We are so grateful that you continue to want to share our chocolates near and far and we appreciate your patience as we work to improve our new processes and our service to you! – Tessa


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